Chromatics Music Playing Cards Concept

Chromatics Music Playing Cards consist of a complete deck of playing cards representing the four octaves of musical tones in the center of a piano; which incidentally are also the majority of the tones represented on a traditional guitar neck.

On each card face is the frequency of that tone along with both the Major or minor scale and chord for the tone of that card.   Black suits have the Major scales and chords, red suits have minor scales and chords.

G# / Ab of Spades
G# / Ab of Spades

The concept behind a deck of Chromatics is to offer aspiring musicians an alternative and familiar technique to learn the basics of music.  Chromatics encourage playing familiar card games while training each player’s mind to be comfortable with thinking about the twelve unique tones and their wide variety of combinations known as chords and scales.    

When each of us first arrived in school to learn to read and write our verbal language, more often than not, the first thing we notice on the wall was a listing of the entire alphabet used by the language.  We then learned the alphabet and slowly began to learn to spell the words we use to speak.    This process has proven very successful for those that wish to learn to be fluent in a particular language.   We believe that same strategy can be very valuable for learning the language of music.

Yes, there are those that can speak and communicate to a limited degree without learning the alphabet or spelling of words, yet those individuals are always working at a disadvantage in the communication process to those that do understand the basic components and how to construct words.   

Why is it that traditional music instruction attempts to teach us to play music without a firm understanding of the alphabet and words of music?   It’s all too similar to learning to speak without learning read or write.  Yes it’s possible, but it’s frustrating and the end results are less than ideal. 

Chromatics Music Playing Cards are a new approach to offering the familiar concept of playing cards to genuinely learn the alphabet and the spelling of the words of music with or without an instrument present.   With this knowledge firmly in one’s mind, playing any instrument becomes so much easier!