Learn to Play Music

Learning to play music requires three skills:

    1.  Learning to manipulate (finger) the instrument.

    2.  Learning to truly “listen to” and “hear” tones.

    3.  Learn to think and communicate in the vocabulary of music.

For skills #1 and #2, to manipulate your instrument and learning to listen, the only option available is to practice. (tip, make your instrument easy to grab, never put it in it’s case, play frequently for short periods of time).

The most challenging task is skill #3, learning to think and communicate in the vocabulary of music. 

Chromatics Music Playing Cards offers the use of the familiar metaphors of playing card games to internalize the alphabet and words of music into your thought process.  Once that goal is achieved, the next time you pick up your instrument and practice, your mind will naturally use the music vocabulary while mastering hearing and play.