Game Instructions

Game Instructions

This is the top page for instructions to use Knowledge Of Music’s Chromatics Music Playing Cards.   There is a separate page for each game with detailed instructions.

For general instructions, you can quite literally play any game that you already play with traditional playing card using Chromatics Playing Cards as a straight replacement.  The chart to the right shows the map of replacement of traditional card values with the 12 values from the chromatic scale.   This map is simply to offer context for “rank” or increased value in the music chromatic scale.   Keep in mind that while learning music, the object is NOT to learn the mapping of A= Ace, Ab/G# = King etc..   The objective IS to quite literally to intimately learn the scales and chords of music.

Notice that the declaration of the tone of “A” as the most valuable “rank” in the chromatic scale is completely arbitrary.   The reason for this is simply because A matches Aces in a traditional deck.    When manufacturing the KOM Cards deck, a decision had to be made for which tone to make the top card value and what was to be the bottom.   By making the tone A the top, the remaining tones map nicely.   This naturally makes B flat the lowest tone.

This page points to the instructions we’ve made for the card games:

1.  High/Low (or commonly known as “war”)

2. Go Fish for 7th chords

3. Music Gin Rummy

4. Poker

For more comprehensive instructions including a few games of solitaire, click on our “How To Play Chromatics” guide.  It’s a 16 page PDF booklet that has much more detail.   It’s about a 3 megabyte file so if it takes a minute to download, please be patient.   It’s worth the wait!

How To Play Chromatics Title Page
How To Play Chromatics Title Page

Chromatics How To Play Guide.V1.1

Knowledge Of Music Playing Cards Mapped to Traditional Playing Cards.

  • Ab/G# = King
  • G = Queen
  • Gb/F# = Jack
  • F = 10
  • E = 9
  • Eb/D# = 8
  • D = 7
  • Db/C# = 6
  • C = 5
  • B = 4
  • Bb/A# = 3
  • A = Ace

If a two is required, use the “K”nowledge instruction card for 2